Grandmother answers a new calling… in a tree house!

March 29, 2016

Grandmother answers a new calling… in a tree house by Christina Nicholson


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After working for the Palm Beach County School Board for 15 years, family called. Bobbi Levy left her job to take care of her first grandchild, Sadie.

“After a couple of months, I was getting bored,” Levy said. “All the mommy and me classes were only once a week. I thought it was so bizarre to have nothing for parents, grandparents, or nannies on a daily basis.”


It was then, the Little Enchanted Tree House began to grow in Levy’s mind.

“The day I told my oldest daughter, Sassy, about my ideas, she said, ‘You should do it. I’ll come do it with you!’”

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Almost a year later, the Little Enchanted Tree House opened for parents and their babies in the Shoppes of Boca Greens in Boca Raton.

At the Little Enchanted Tree House, babies ranging from three-months-old to two-years-old can participate in play groups. There is even a mama and papa Zumba class on Wednesday nights! With only 10 kids in each group, Thursdays sell out the fastest.

“We believe in family and that’s what the treehouse is all about,” Levy said. “People hear about us from their friends and our Facebook page and keep on coming for more!”

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Playtime is extremely beneficial to young children. Turning off the TV and bringing out a train set makes a bigger difference than many realize. By playing, a child learns how things work, colors, sizes, shapes, etc. When other children are around, important social skills, like collaboration, empathy, and following rules, are learned.

After seeing kids over a series of weeks at the Little Enchanted Tree House, Levy also believes they have improved concentration and physical development.


“We make everyone feel like they are home and belong to a family,” Levy said. “You feel it when you walk in our doors and I’m so proud of that.” For more information about the Little Enchanted Tree House, log onto or call 561-322-5570.
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