December 17, 2015

Lunar eclipse

Hello to those readers who are currently expecting or will start a family in the future…My name is LuAnn Warner-Prokos, and I am a local professional fine art family portraiture
photographer specializing in maternity and newborn sessions.

So much has changed in photography with the proliferation of hobbyist photographers using
point-and-shoots, and even expensive DSLRs. However, one thing has not changed…it’s still
important to hire a professional photographer to document all our special moments. This is
especially true when you want to capture that fleeting time when your newborn is so teeny, tiny
and a wonder to behold, or even to highlight the glow of the mom-to-be.

Here are 6 reasons you should hire a professional newborn photographer:

~ Your new baby is only this tiny for a short time—she changes very quickly, really, in just a two
week period and she will look different as well. You want someone who can capture his tiny
features – the squishy lips and cheeks, the tiniest of toes, with images that can show the details
in sharp focus.

~ A pro photographer has a creative eye. We work to provide fine art images tailored to your
individual personality and your home’s decor. We have a range of props, clothing, wraps, etc.

~ Newborn photographers are specifically trained to know how to pose babies beautifully and
carefully without waking them. We know how to do the more intricate poses safely, and have
learned the cues a baby expresses that a particular pose will not work with that newborn. Those
adorable images you see on social media sites are carefully crafted in post-production using
composited images, with an assistant to spot the newborn the infant. And, not every pro
photographer can be a newborn photographer—it takes great skill to keep your precious little
one safe and secure. We have all the newborn special props to make parents comfortable and

~ Although a pro photog has invested much in her equipment, it’s not all about the camera. We
understand light and lens depth of field to get that creamy blurred background that takes an
image from, “That’s a nice picture” to “Wow! That’s a incredible image!” We have years of
experience behind the camera, with knowledge on how to achieve the perfect lighting, use
flattering angles, getting the right exposure, focus, etc. We are knowledgable on the creative
aspects of a session as well, whether in-studio or on-location, and whether “posed” or an
organic “life-styled” session.

~ Your newborn images will be painstakingly retouched, from balancing colors and contrast,
editing out blemishes and flaky skin, to compositing images resulting in a breathtaking set of
photos. The overall investment for a newborn photographer is usually 20-30+ hours per session! ~ And, most importantly, we LOVE what we do! My newborn parents often remark during a
session, “You have so much patience.” And, “You ARE the baby whisperer!” Every client leaves
me with a smile, and I am filled with so much joy to be able to give them a gift that lasts a

An added reason…a special touch is the intimate maternity session that adds a bit of glamour
and brings out the inner glow and beauty of the mom-to-be in her last month!
Please visit my website at www.WarnerProkosPhotography.com I hope to see you in my studio

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