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January 25, 2016

CBL_0513 (2)From standing in hurricanes to interviewing David Beckham and touring the Versace Mansion, Christina Nicholson lived in front of and behind the camera. She spent a decade working as a TV reporter, anchor, writer, photographer, and editor.

“I was able to see so many things and meet some amazing people, but it’s a tough business. It’s very cutthroat and can be heartless at times,” Christina remembers. “Eventually, I just got tired of talking to people on the worst day of their life.”

Christina is referring to the negativity in local news.

“I didn’t want to sit in a news truck outside of a crime scene anymore,” she said. “I also have two little kids and I needed something more flexible. TV news is one of the least family friendly industries there is.”

So, that’s when Christina decided it was time to move from being on TV to putting other people on TV. She worked at another public relations firm for a short period, but quickly learned the only person looking after her best interests was herself. Last year, she created her own full service public relations firm, Media Maven – a play on words derived from her already established lifestyle blog, Mascara Maven.

What makes Christina different than many public relations firms in South Florida? She understands the importance of creating newsworthy content and delivering it to the public.

“As a journalist, I usually didn’t read more than two sentences of what a publicist sent. What they sent was too long, didn’t have anything to do with what I covered, wasn’t newsworthy, didn’t relate to the geographical area I covered, and the list goes on. They all wanted a free commercial for their client,” she said. “Because of this, I decided to leave the news business and do that job, but better.”

From media relations and media training to writing, blogging, and video production, Christina just about does it all at Media Maven… and if she can’t do it herself, she knows someone who can.

“Working in the media industry for so long, you come across some pretty great people. I’m so lucky to have maintained great relationships with so many talented professionals,” Christina said. “Different businesses have different needs and different budgets. I want to be able to help them, and if I can’t, chances are I know someone who can.”

But Christina is doing pretty well on her own. She has represented a wide array of clients and has earned many publicity on national daytime TV talk shows, in local and national magazines, on local TV stations, in newspapers, and on websites and blogs with millions of monthly unique visitors.

To reach Christina and inquire about Media Maven’s services, visit or email her at

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