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April 1, 2016

MELODY-LAW-2-(2)The number of American women who own their own businesses is on the rise. It’s estimated that more than 9.1 million women now lead their own enterprise. One woman helping those many small business owners and start-ups is Melody Cobbe.

“It is very exciting to see my clients’ business grow, Melody Cobbe, the owner of Cobbe Law said. “It’s great to know that I am part of helping them achieve their business goals.”

Cobbe Law offers a one stop shop for small business and start-ups. Melody’s practice specializes in allowing businesses to handle their day to day operations while minimizing their risk to legal exposure. Whether it be business formation, business purchasing and selling, or employment consulting, Melody is an expert. As a small business owner herself, Melody understands the risks and challenges, but offers this advice:

“It is important to stay true to yourself, Melody reminds other entrepreneurs. “There will be lots of times when you will have difficult decisions to make, but as long as you stay true to yourself, it will all fall into place.”

Melody works with men and women from all walks of life at a variety of stages in their career.

Melody isn’t just a savvy business attorney. She is a mother of two young kids, ages 12 and nine… and she has no problem balancing it all. The secret to her success:

“Since I own my own practice, I have the flexibility to service my clients and be with my family,” she said. “I don’t think I work any less hours, I just work differently in order to make sue that I can balance the different areas of my life which require my attention. When I am working, I focus on my clients and when I am with my children, I focus on my children.”

If you are one of those millions of women who own her own business or are entertaining the idea, don’t hesitate to contact Melody by visiting, emailing, or calling (561) 922-9661.

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