How Alice Greene, Inc. comforts South Florida parents on date night

August 21, 2016

By Christina Nicholson


CBL_7921-2Last year, 27-year-old Sarah Greene had no intentions of starting her own business. The former pre-school teacher was nannying for a South Florida family, but the referrals wouldn’t stop. For many business owners, it’s a good problem to have, but Sarah wasn’t a business owner… yet.

“One day I thought, I can’t be in five places at once, so why don’t I start a business?”

Today, with Alice Greene, Inc., Sarah trains others how to do what she does – teach, care, and nurture children as their nannies and babysitters.  She’s created her own curriculum to coach who she calls “little super nannies.”

“When I’m with kids, I’m completely immersed in the moment – just like they are. We’re very engaged with them – interacting and learning with them by blowing bubbles, singing songs, and running around in the backyard,” Sarah said. “We’re always teaching each other. Sometimes we as adults don’t know we’re learning and the kids don’t realizing they’re learning either because we are all having so much fun, and that fun is dictated by the children themselves.”

The Alice Greene, Inc. process is like millionaire matchmaker, but with nannies and families.

“I’m sitting in front of women, having real conversations. Then, there’s background checks and even more conversations and interviews to make sure they are a fit for a specific family,” Sarah said. “It’s important to sit in front of someone to act on an instinct or gut feeling.”

Speaking of feelings, it’s hard for parents to relax when they are away from their kids, but Alice Greene, Inc. makes that easier by implementing random drop ins and mobile share through texts or apps.

“While you’re at dinner, you could see the science project your kids are working on at home,” Sarah explained. “I really want parents to take a sigh of relief and say, I know my kid is safe.”

Sarah does most of her recruiting on college campuses, many times eyeing a potential nanny who is in the same position she was in years ago.
Alice Greene, Inc. services families in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties with child care starting at $20. Prices vary depending on factors like distance traveled and number of children cared for. For more information, visit, email, or call 954-361-3609.

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