How to Stop Tears in 60 Seconds by Spotlight Families Contributor Sarah Greene

November 22, 2016

how-to-stop-tearsMeet the Deep Breathing Dragon, an art project to do with your children which will significantly decrease tears in a stressful situation. All children have the ability to learn how to relax quickly when faced with stressful situations. It is important to introduce this concept while the child is in a tranquil and receptive state, as it is imperative to present this project during peaceful moments, allowing the child to retain the material more efficiently.


There are dozens of benefits in teaching your child deep breathing to help regulate their stress levels. This specific method promotes deep inhalations and cultivates a strong sense of mouth and lung awareness, as well as, language improvement, muscle development, and general patience and attention span. In general, The Dragon Breath can be used as a remedy for crying, hyperventilation, and anxiety in children.


Additionally, the “Relaxation Response” is utilized by the Dragon Breath and creates a physical & mental state of deep relaxation that changes the bodily and emotional responses to stress. The following responses occur when practicing the relaxation reaction in children through The Dragon Breath:


  • Their metabolism declines
  • Their heart beats slower and their muscles relax
  • Their breathing becomes relaxed
  • Their blood pressure drops
  • Their levels of nitric oxide are amplified


Children want to feel in control and autonomous about regulating their own emotions (and everything else for that matter) and the Breathing Dragon is a great tool to satisfy this. For many children, deep breathing seems unusual and it will take time and patience for the child to automatically refer to their Dragon Breath in situations of need. Although, the more you practice this technique with your child, the more confident they will become in using this when stressful situations arise. Have fun and make this an enjoyable activity to do with the entire family!

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