Play, Nature and Arts at Sunflower Creative Arts in Delray!

December 21, 2015

Sunflower Creative Arts by Christina Nicholson


Have you ever noticed dancing is something that comes naturally to babies? When they hear music, they just start to move. For Susan Caruso, music is her life. With a degree in music and music education, she taught the subject for years at a dozen different Broward and Palm Beach County preschools.



“Wherever I went, I could see that there was a real need for what I was doing,” Caruso said. “Kids were thirsting for music and art and individual attention.”


In 1992, Caruso founded Sunflower Creative Arts. It’s a non-profit organization that offers hand on learning experiences in play, nature, and the arts.


“Sunflower provides families with community, a supportive “village” where we can all learn and grow and raise our families together,” Caruso said. “Parents and kids feel like they can be themselves at Sunflower because there is a lot of one-on-one attention for both children and parents in the classes.”


Whether it be free play, like bouncing balls or swinging; making connections through nature by discovering lizard eggs and ladybugs in the garden; or expressions through art, like mixing paint paint colors to melting crayons – Caruso continues to be driven by witnessing healthy, human development.



“Our programs strengthen the social, emotional and intellectual development of each and every child.”


Many who work at Sunflower are mothers to children themselves. Caruso said it’s why she runs the organization differently than others – flexible and family friendly – even planning meeting around their children’s schedules.


“We balance it all by working together to coordinate schedules and supporting each other, not just at work, but also as fellow human beings and moms,” Caruso said. “It helps immensely to be part of a larger community with similar values.”



Kids of all ages, even teenagers, can visit Sunflower Creative Arts. There are even programs for parents. To learn more about Sunflower Creative Arts, call (561) 501-6615 or visit

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