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January 25, 2016

unspecifiedSmiles are contagious, but they are the one thing you want to catch. That’s Kerri White’s motto at White Smiles of Boca.

“It really makes a difference in peoples lives to have a dentist that truly cares and is honest with you,” Kerri said. “We use our mouths to smile, eat, laugh and kiss the ones we love.”

Kerri takes care of patients of all ages. She even has a patient who is 103 years old, but loves working with kids.

“I ease their fears by being gentle and explaining everything on their level in a non threatening way,” Kerri said. “Sometimes I act like a clown and sing silly songs to them while I work and they laugh the whole time they are in the chair. It feels really good to give them a positive dental experience and have their parents say to me, “They keep asking when do we get to go to the dentist again?””

It’s the clown mode that helps her balance it all… begin a dentist and a mother of four to kids under the age of four! She laughs and calls herself a “juggling clown” with non stop help from her husband, who is a devoted father.

She’s a dentist, mom, and motivator. Kerri doesn’t just make smiles brighter. She also helps make futures brighter for other young women.

“When girls tell me they don’t think they are smart enough to become a doctor, dentist, or attorney, I tell them they are! There were many nights I stayed up until midnight studying and would set my alarm for 4:00am to study again before class started at 7:00am,” Kerri remembered. “I always tell them to work hard now to make your life so much rewarding later. I truly believe anything is possible with hard work and dedication.”

dentistBecause a smile is one of the most important features on a person, you must care for yours! Whether it be routine cleaning, whitening, bonding, or veneers, Kerri and her team at White Smiles of Boca have you covered.

“Most of our new patients come to us as a recommendation from another patient,” she said. “We take this as a high compliment.”

If you want to be able to say “I love going to the dentist,” then visit Kerri at White Smiles of Boca. You can visit online at WhiteSmilesOfBoca.com or by calling (561) 395-4948.

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