Spotlight Families Kids Crew Review: Morikami Gardens (Karina and Karley Kopacz)

August 26, 2016
DSC02207Karina Kopacz
Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens Hatsume Festival
(Overall Review)
It’s a celebration of the first bud of spring!  When I first walked into Morikami Gardens Hatsume Fair, there was beauty everywhere you looked!  We saw blooming flowers and bonsai trees.  There was also lots of different kinds of delicious Japanese foods, or “street fair”.  We ate egg rolls that were scrumptious.  We also watched karate demonstrations. It was really exciting to see their techniques.  It looked like they were really fighting! Lots of people were dressed as their favorite anime characters, like Pokemon.  We talked with one girl dressed as Rapunzel who explained to us that anime was inspired by the old art style used by Disney, by drawing big eyes and skinny figures.  We learned so much about the Japanese culture.
DSC02195Karley Kopacz
(Taiko Drummers)
The drummers of Ronin Taiko performed.  Taiko means “drums” in Japanese.  It was my favorite part of the day.  It made me feel so energetic.  They played all kinds of different drums. One was huge!  They all make different sounds.  The audience loved it.  One performer, Malia Anderson of Taiko Academy, told me “Back in Japan they use Taiko drums to serve a purpose.  They use them in theatre, religious ceremonies, wartime and in celebrations.”  I got to try them too.  The sticks were very heavy.  You have to be really strong to play for so long.  It inspired me to want to take lessons and a be a Taiko drummer one day.

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