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July 6, 2016

AdvancedMedicaLogo_Tagline-(2)It’s a new year, so who else is thinking: New Year, New You?! Well, if you’re feeling motivated, Advanced Medica has you covered. The medical spa has been making people not only look better, but feel better for years.

Boca Raton’s Advanced Medica specializes in aesthetic skin care solutions, wrinkle reduction, facial fillers, hormone balancing, and is one of the few medical spas in the state to offer the InMode Laser that is used for hair removal, body shaping, and skin tightening.

“In little to no down time at all, you can receive result oriented treatments, even on your lunch break,” employee Cindy Bonilla, ARNP said.

Advanced Medica also offers something made famous by Kim Kardashian – a Vampire Facial, or a platelet rich plasma procedure. PRP is a treatment that uses the patients own blood derived plasma and is put back into multiple areas of the skin on their face to treat wrinkles and rejuvenate the face.

“We draw your blood and spin it down, take out the platelet rich plasma, and inject it back into your body,” Bonilla explained. “The vampire face lift is the same as the vampire facial except we add filler to your cheeks and can even use it on the scalp to help hair regrowth!”

If you’re not looking for a “new you” in the new year, but may be wanting to enhance or improve on some things both physically and mentally, the services at Advanced Medica are just about endless.

For more about Advanced Medica and what the MedSpa offers, visit or call (844) 892-1550.

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