January 22, 2016

By Christina Nicholson

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As a teenager, she received phone call numerous times a week. The person on the other line threatened her life in a disguised voice. Social media pages were created with one purpose – to spread hate about her. It was a very dark, depressing time in Sara Tiedemann’s life.

“The worst part was… when people bully you to your to face, you’re hearing them say the words. When you read it on the internet, you’re hearing that voice in your head, in your own voice,” Sara said.” I didn’t want to believe it, but I was so confused as to why people were saying these things.”


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Now, Sara is 19-years-old and realizes the problem was never her, but her bullies – whether it be heir own insecurity, jealousy, or immaturity. Today, she is using that experience to help others through her passion – music.

“Music has such a power to heal people and move people. I feel like people who have that power are abusing it and not using it to help others,” the young college student said. “What I really want to do is be an icon, so my generation and the generations above and below me can be inspired.”

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She plays the guitar, has longer curly hair, and loves cats. Naturally, she gets the Taylor Swift comparison a lot. Like Taylor, she even started to teach herself how to play guitar young – at just 14-year-old. Then, it was a secret. Only her mom and a few close friends knew of her newfound love for music. At the time, she was still trying to figure out if it was just a hobby or something more. It was something much more.


“It became second nature to me,”Sara said. “I’ll get a sound in my head and write it down or in the grocery store, I’ll think of a little thing that could be a chorus to a song and I’ll write it down and put beats to it.”

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After five years and some advice from close family friends, Sara began sharing her love of music with others. Once a month, she performs at an open mic at Boca Raton’s The Seed. In March, she is gathering her band together to perform at a benefit to prevent child abuse in America. It is March 17th from 6pm-9pm at Nova University.

As for how she remembers that dark time in her life… well, the song is called Fight.

“People go through things and there’s people who survive it, so you have to fight,” Sara explained. “I feel like if music was like that, I think things could be a little brighter.”

For more on Sara and to hear her music, find her on youtube by searching Sara Ann Tiedemann or visit her on:

Instagram: saraannmusic

Twitter: saraannmusic

Vine: xoSara_Singsxo


Photo Credit: Creations By Lori www.CreationsByLori.Photography

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