The Ladies of the Buzz Agency

January 22, 2016

By Christina Nicholson


Two female entrepreneurs are not only putting everything they have into their boutique public relations firm, but they are also having lots of fun, while working like mad.

“We started with $500 and a dream,” Elizabeth Grace, co-founder of the Buzz Agency said. “Within two years, we opened an office on Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach and began hiring staff. It’s terrifying knowing you’re responsible got the livelihood of so many people, but it was the best decision we have ever made.”

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The firm has made the South Florida Business Journal’s list of top PR firms more than once and expect even greater growth in the future. Oh yeah, and they are doing it with little ones at home too!

“Moms are the ultimate multi-taskers. What may seem absolutely impossible to some is just another ‘day in the life’ to us working women,” co-founder Julie Mullen said.

As the Buzz Agency was growing, the co-founders were not only dealing with normal business growing pains, but working mom pains as well – like running to bus stops, then PTA meetings, and even having phone calls with clients from home with a sick child sneezing in the background.

“Our hard work, hopefully, has been an inspiration to them,” Grace said.

While the Buzz Agency helps businesses get exposure, the co-founders are sharing their tips for publicity. Here are five things they would advise a business owner looking to gain exposure:

1. Surround yourself with smart people, including the consultants you select… and allow them to do their jobs. Micromanaging will not help you achieve your goals. Trust in a must.

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2. It’s important a business owner focuses on the mission of the business. Our job I to help them promote that business, whether it’s to consumers, media, other businesses, etc. Focus on operations and the pros focus on the marketing.

3. Networking is key. Get out there and meet your customers, potential investors, and business leaders. Volunteer your time and resources. Be philanthropic. Get involved in the community. If people don’t know who you are, they aren’t likely to support you when you need them to.

4. Everyone wants to reach the millennials. But, don’t overlook those potential customers who are already established. Stay on top of trends, but don’t ignore traditional marketing methods. Really take the time to know your customer and how to reach them.


5. When dealing with the media, a “no comment” or even worse, no response, is never recommended. Transparency is key. Be as forthcoming as you can. Honesty and taking responsibility always wins in the end

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