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Hello and welcome to Spotlight Families Magazine! My name is Shawn Sherlock and I am the Founder and Editor-in-Chief.

I have always had a passion for gab and more energy than I know what to do with. One of my earliest childhood memories was around five years old. Every Saturday I would stage “My Front Yard”, an eventful show filled with dozens of dolls, talking puppets, stick figures, dancing and my “willing” participants/friends. I recall loving the feeling of making someone smile. My mission back then is the same as it is today: to make people smile.

While I was born and partially raised in Florida, I spent most of my adolescence in Atlanta. A little Southern and a little city is how people describe me. I may have lost my drawl over the years, but I still have a huge love for all things Southern like fried green tomatoes, grits, mac & cheese, BBQ, OK Café, sweet tea (is there really anything else?), big decks, and wrap around porches.

Shortly after high school, I went on to dance (my 2nd passion) with the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks Dance Team and soon after moved to South Beach and became Captain of the Miami Heat Dance Team. Along the way, I was also blessed with the wonderful opportunity of dancing alongside the Purple God himself: Prince. You could say I caught the bug for “on-air” stuff while guest hosting several sideline segments over the years. My boyfriend, then fiancé and now husband of seventeen wonderful years inspired me to make the jump from the hardcourt to the classroom and earn my degree at Florida State University to pursue a career in television news.

For nearly a decade, I worked on-air as a reporter for CBS, ABC and a CNN affiliate as well; covering sports, weather, family, health, crime and entertainment. In 2005, I stepped away from the camera to give birth to the first of my Sherlock Boys: Aiden. Seven years later, we added the 2nd: Shane.

You could say Mommy-hood has changed me in so many wonderful ways. I love every minute of being a Mom. I love making each minute count. Over nearly ten years as a Mom, I have most enjoyed meeting other moms along the way. Many inspiring me, informing me and making me see a different side of Mommy-hood I was not aware of. This inspired the vision of a wonderful company: “spotlighting moms”. A company in which other moms just like me could get inspired as I had, become informed about something they never knew, or hear a story about a fearless Mom “doing her thing” on a day to day basis.

In 2014, I turned that vision into a reality and created Spotlight Families Magazine; a wonderful online and video based “go-to” resource for moms everywhere. Our mission is simple: “to inspire, inform and spotlight Moms!”

I hope you find the site and tutorials helpful in your Mom journey.

I welcome you to connect with us here at Spotlight Families Magazine. I would love to hear from you whether you have a story to tell or a product to sell. Do you know a mom who you feel is a “Spotlight Families Magazine”? Would you just like to give us your feedback? I welcome the connection and I welcome you!.

Shine On!